The Emerging Pastime ComBATON Mixes Rugby With Tae Kwon Do

 - Apr 24, 2011
References: combaton & odditycentral
Have you ever wondered what would happen if tae kwon do and rugby were mixed together? Neither did I until I learned about comBATON, a relatively new sport that requires speed, strategy and the ability to take a kick or two.

comBATON is a three-player game that sees one team trying to move a baton to the other's goal. The baton can be passed back and forth between teammates and kicks can be used as blocks. It is the defensive team's job to try and kick whoever has the baton. Kicking the baton-holder causes a turnover and rewards the other team with points. The game is fast-paced and features feet of fury flying everywhere. While the game isn't too popular as of now, it seems to have a dedicated and growing following. The comBATON Super Bowl will be upon us in no time.