The Conceptual 'Seascraper' Building Solution to Combat Homelessness

 - Jun 18, 2016
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In an attempt to combat homelessness from rising in Nigeria creatives GuoChao Deng, XiaoLong Liu and several others have put together a conceptual building entitled 'Seascraper' that offers a floating water residential building. The skyscraper is fixed in water and offers a substitutional place to house homes due to a lack of land space.

The 'Seascraper' is designed specifically to aid the Gamma Cocoa community and the rise of global warming that is effecting the amount of land available to provide residential space. The buildings are shaped as curved triangular pods that are large-scale and designed to sit on top of the water. The pods will be close in proximity to provide a community environment as well as high quality living with balconies, large living layouts and entertainment areas.