'Colour of Time' Consists of 120,000 Paper Cut-Outs

 - Jan 17, 2018
References: dezeen
'Colour of Time', an installation by artist Emmanuelle Moureaux, is designed to depict the passage of time over the course of a day. Currently touring at the Toyama Prefecture Museum of Art and Design, it uses 120,000 paper cut-outs hung from the ceiling of the grand exhibition room as indices for both the traditional, numerical recording of time as well as the more emotional associations between color and time.

The paper cut-outs are shaped like numbers, and those numbers are organized into 100 rows. Each row is meant to represent a different time of day, from sunrise at 6:30 AM to sunset at 7:49 PM. Not only do the rows display those times numerically, but each row is a different hue, ranging from bright white, red, and orange in the morning area to cool blues and black in the evening.