These Colorful Geometric Paintings Contrast Real Landscapes

 - Feb 17, 2016
References: andrewfaris &
Andrew Faris recently installed a series of colorful geometric paintings in snowy landscapes in order to show the stark contrast between surrealism and nature. In our increasinly tech-oriented world, there is a growing devide between modern art and nature. This series blurs the lines between the two to convey the need for artistic respite.

Faris' series consists of snowy landscapes peppered with colorful geometric paintings. Upon first glance, it appears that the color-blocked prints have been inserted digitally. However, the prints are in fact acrylic paints on canvases that have been inserted into the beautiful natural settings. The design is meant to act as a juxtaposition between abstract art and the beauty of the natural world. As Faris explains, "In an increasingly complex and competitive society sternly ruled by technology and stainless robotic hands, there is impassioned need for artistic respite."