Colin Legg's Capture of DA14 Offers a Slow Version of the Collision

 - Feb 22, 2013
References: petapixel & gizmodo
Photographer Colin Legg has offered a time lapse look at DA14, the asteroid that was supposed to collide with earth but never did. While much panic surrounded the potential intersection between DA14 and the ground, Legg's footage reveals that there was little need for concern.

Legg shot this video from Western Australia. It was there was the artist used a 5D Mark II and a 6D. He pointed the utensils upward and and took snapshots of the event as it unfolded within a 9 second window. His footage reveals the red dot as it passed through the sky and exploded gracefully, showcasing the movement of the asteroid that while once a cause for worry, can now be taken as a galactic display of art.