Loop Cord Holders Keep Lengthy Wires Wrapped Neatly Near Their Sockets

 - Sep 6, 2016
References: red-dot.sg
The benefits of this coiling cable holder are obvious when you imagine their applications within the context of your garage, your laundry room and your kitchen. Anyone who works in a warehouse will note even greater value in the Loop. Designed by Fan Liyuan of China, who won a Red Dot Design Award for the idea, this clever contraption combines power access with a means to tidily tuck excess cables away.

The concept suggests a choice between a single or dual electrical plug core, surrounded by a flexible squared casing that cords can be neatly run through. Seams in the material would allow machines, appliances and extension cords to be inserted at one of many possible angles, for a coiling cable contraption that's versatile and easily encourages order.