Predict the Future Direction of the Java Industry

 - Mar 24, 2012
References: trendreports
Daily java fixes are a global phenomenon, and the rise of artisan espresso shops suggests that it is not going anywhere soon. Companies are capitalizing on the demand for bean grinds in new and inventive ways, launching products that promote fair trade labor practices and charitable causes. Technological advancements have also enabled the growth of this sector, most frequently seen by way of easy-to-use filters and high-functioning stove pots. The Coffeemaker Trend Report digs into the best of these business models, offering critical information for baristas and appliance manufacturers.

The Keurig and Flavia products have revolutionized the way coffee drinkers operate. Simplified two or three-step procedures have made the brewing process foolproof, and although it may not have been difficult to begin with, many used to write it off entirely. This concept of a 'Personal Cafe ' is now commonplace, leading the caffeine market in new directions. These and over 100 critical turning points are debunked in the Coffeemaker Trend Report.