Flora Borsi's Series Coffee Universe Replaces the Sky with Coffee

 - Jun 11, 2014
References: floraborsi & foodiggity
Artist Floral Borsi decided to literally make humanity's existence revolve around coffee in her image series Coffee Universe. The series features several images of landscapes with a sepia-infused coffee sky.

In these coffee-inspired images, Borsi creates an alternative reality where coffee is the central focus of everyone's lives. The images showcase busy streets, cafes and building skylines surrounded by an endearing sky that is filled with creamy dark coffee and cream swirls. While the viewer is aware that the coffee sky is a surrealist aesthetic, in these images it looks remarkably realistic. The sepia coloring of the images give comforting yet surreal vibe to the viewer as they stare off into this caffeinated skyline. I would love to have one of these images hanging in my living room.