The Spill is a Coffee Carrier That Guarantees Spill-Free Journeys

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: dudeiwantthat
The Spill Not from Edmund Scientific is a coffee carrier that allows you to carry a traditional mug, filled with liquid, without spilling a drop. The Spill Not uses the principles of centrical force, lateral force and center of gravity to create a carrier that keeps the fluid inside your cup while you’re in motion.

The Spill Not is molded from a single piece of plastic and uses a Mobius loop as the handle. The design of the carrier allows you to move gracefully, or not so gracefully, while impeding the effect that your movement has on your mug. In other words, you can now skip from your coffee break to your work station with a beverage in hand and no longer worry about spilling all over the place.