These Paintings of Adorable Kittens are Made Using Split Coffee

 - Jan 21, 2016
References: & foodiggity
Russia-based artist Elena Efremova opts for an unconventional choice of edible materials in her drawings of cats to create a collection of detailed coffee art illustrations. The pictures are created using spilt cups of coffee from popular caffeinated drinks that are then turned into detailed drawings of feline companions.

Efremova's illustrations blend food and art seamlessly in a collection of minimalist drawings that capture the playfulness of cats. The pictures change depending on the caffeinated drink used as ink, with heavier beverages such as espressos drawing darker hues and lighter drinks such as lattes having much less pigmented colors. The coffee is then used to paint portraits of cats laying, playing or reclining. Each portrait is connected to the mug with the tail of the cat extending to the coffee cup.