The Cocorobo Vacuum is Packed with Personality

 - May 18, 2012
References: sharpusa & springwise
Designed by tech company Sharp, the Cocorobo Vacuum is a robotic cleaner set to have a human-like capacity to show affection and understanding of its owner.

Remarkably good at its job (cleaning), the robot comes with a slew of extra features, including smartphone connectivity, a camera and Internet capabilities. Already impressive on its own, this product is all the more unique due to its ability to create a human-like relationship with its users. The Cocorobo, if spoken and interacted with often, will say more and come across happier when using its speech capabilities. The amazing ability for the robot to recognize speech is a huge part of what makes this possible.

Albeit potentially off-putting to some, the Cocorobo Vacuum is a truly amazing piece of tech and a testament to the power of innovation.