The 'WRAP BAG' by Matteo Pellegrino is a Clutch Bag Design with a Twist

Looking like it takes inspiration from packing material (see: bubble wrap), the 'WRAP BAG' by Matteo Pellegrino is a clutch bag design that has been created by the designer through a completely unique process. Created using polyurethane, the 'WRAP BAG' by Matteo Pellegrino took years to develop to attain the desired effect that the designer was looking for.

The uneven and totally unique aesthetic of the 'WRAP BAG' by Matteo Pellegrino clutch bag design makes it a winner with regards to being instantly identifiable. Speaking on the design, the designer explains, "It took years to develop the work necessary to obtain a finished product, and finally I am satisfied with the outcome. It is a child process of innumerable experimentations with the polyurethane foam which is a rather complex material to be worked by hand, but by the incredible potential. The uniqueness of the product is also the daughter of the influence of the school of Gaetano Pesce, and fashion is certainly the field of design more receptive and sensitive to this kind of stress."