Google Cloud Spin is a Photo Booth That Captures Images from 180-Degrees

Instead of another ordinary tech demo, Google sought out to make a more fun and interactive experience for the Google Cloud Platform by creating a rotating photo booth called Cloud Spin. Not only is the new demo fun and interactive, but it is also widely accessible to those at home thanks to the use of open-source software and off-the-self components.

The idea behind Cloud Spin was born out of a desire to create a photo booth that would be more engaging to use and more challenging to create. As a result, the Google team decided to build a photo booth that rotates images through 180 degrees. By capturing images from multiple angles, the photo booth produces a eye-catching three-dimensional effect. The images can then be knitted together to create animated GIFs of memorable moments.

For those interested in building their own Cloud Spin photo both, the full list of instructions is available online from Google.