The Clone Factory in Japan Creates Lifelike Dolls of Their Clients

 - Jul 28, 2011
References: dannychoo & odditycentral
The Clone Factory in Japan is a shop that creates lifelike dolls of their clients. People interested in cloning themselves just have to come into for one quick session before receiving their dolls. The factory offers a unique service that involves being photographed to produce these miniature clones. After the photos are taken, they are plugged into a computer and a 3D model of a doll head is made. Since the clone dolls are accurate only from the neck up, all of the finer details have to be featured there.

To create the dolls at the Clone Factory, a special printer is used where layers of ink are printed on to plasterboard. The dolls are created completely by the magic of technology, and any touch ups are performed by the artists in the shop. The majority of customers at the Clone Factory include people who want to immortalize themselves on special days such as weddings and monumental milestones.