First Internet Band Creates Video Without Ever Meeting

 - Nov 10, 2006
References: youtube
The Clip Bandits is the world's first internet band. They met on YouTube and they write, compose and play their music together online. In fact, they even made their music video online, without ever being in the same place. They only knew each others' YouTube IDs.

This video was created by syncing ClipBandits' YouTube video clips. Turns out, the ClipBandits live in Los Angeles CA, New York City and Austin Texas.

Internet made our world smaller. Today we can communicate with people from all over the world and to meet friends with similar interests. This is what heppend to Clipbandits, but they took it to the next level...

The ClipBandits are:
J-Pe$o..................Vocals and 12-String
Girl Bass Player.....Bass
ClipBandit.............Electri c Guitar