Volkswagen Uses a Hedgehog to Advertise its Park Assist Feature

 - Dec 9, 2012
References: bestadsontv
With the thousands of advertisements seen every single day, it takes something really noteworthy and out of the ordinary to catch one's attention even for a second, and the park assist feature commercial by Volkswagen has done just that. Keeping it simple and playing to one's senses, you hardly have to think twice as to what Volkswagen is trying to advertise: VW’s park assist feature. Parking so precise that it essentially emulates a hedgehog situated parallel, but not touching, clear plastic bags of goldfish.

This fun and quite adorable print advertisement was created by DDB Tribal Berlin and takes the iconic Volkswagen brand to a whole new level of advertisement where you don’t even have to show consumers the product you’re advertising for them to know what it is. Plus, hedgehogs are just so cute.