Clear Line Box Tape Can Be Conveniently Peeled Off When Required

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: yankodesign
The Clear Line Box Tape concept would make accessing the contents of packages much better. You wouldn't require a box cutter; you wouldn't have to awkwardly hold a pair of open scissors or to risk a flesh wound. You wouldn't accidentally slice any delicate items tucked directly beneath the flaps of the cardboard carton.

Designed by So Young Park and Jin Young Park, the Clear Line Box Tape is made from plastic vinyl with glue covering its underside -- but not entirely. It is predominantly yellow, yet a thin strip along one side of the adhesive ribbon has been colored red. This portion has no stickiness to it, enabling you to lift it and peel it back with ease. You can fully remove the tape to restore a crate for reuse.