The Philips Clear LED Bulb Fuses Modern Technology & Generic Design

 - Apr 7, 2014
References: philips & gizmag
Philips is launching a clear LED bulb that blends the energy efficiency of LED bulbs with the traditional incandescent bulb. While LED bulbs are undoubtedly more efficient and environmentally friendly, many people are dissuaded from buying them because they look different than the generic incandescent bulbs that they are used to.

Philips designed the clear LED bulb to not just look like a traditional bulb, but to also provide the kind of warm white lighting people expect from a typical filament bulb. The clear LED bulb is designed to be able to shine light in all directions instead of focusing it in one area like many LED bulbs do. The bulb can be dimmed, making it versatile enough to be used in several different settings.

The Philips clear LED bulbs will be launched in July and will retail at around $12.