Japan's No Time Gum Product is a Quick Substitute for Brushing

 - Sep 16, 2014
References: yummly & mikesblender
Japan's No Time is a tooth-cleaning chewing gum product that claims to do the job of brushing in half the time. If you're someone with a hectic schedule, then this product is meant to make your life easier and more productive.

The gum is designed for on-the-go individuals who find no time for brushing in their morning routine. If you'd rather choose sleep over personal hygiene, then No Time ensures that your pearly whites are not neglected.

The tooth-cleaning chewing gum features a subtle minty taste and is packaged in individual cubes. Manufactured by Lotte, the chewing gum product is a substitute for brushing and is a great way to refresh your breath and teeth in between classes or after your lunch break.