The 'Cityhub Hotel' Lets You Control Room Functions Through an App

The Cityhub Hotel provides the modern traveler with unique services that fill all of one's possible needs. The Amsterdam hotel is a budget-friendly accommodation where guests are encouraged to mingle and chat in a central meeting area.

Each room is vastly different from traditional hotel rooms and is made up of compact pods that fit not much more than a bed. The Cityhub hotel's 50 rooms are each connected to an accompanying app. Through the hotel's complementary Wi-Fi, guests will be able to control all of their room's functions through their smartphone. Lights, temperatures and any entertainment can be controlled from the comfort of a bed with just a few clicks.

The versatile app also provides guests with an interactive city guide with pointers and upcoming events, as well as a chatroom with other hotel guests. This technology-oriented hotel is right in sync with today's digitally-savvy travelers.