This Concept for a Cirque du Soleil Theater is as Dynamic as the Show Within

 - Apr 3, 2015
References: suckerpunchdaily
It's hard to do the Canadian acrobatic entertainment company justice through verbal or even visual expression; however, this Cirque du Soleil Theater does an beautiful job of capturing the energetic spirit behind the talented troupe. Lenka Petrakova, Roman Hajtmanek, Viki Sandor and Piotrek Prokopowicz collaborated on this wonderfully dynamic architectural representation of the group, designed to be the setting of an even more innovative show.

The Body-Performance Theater is an abstract mass composed of circles, curves and soft bends that dance upon the open foundations. The relationship between indoors and outdoors is complicated, matching the mixup of audience seating space and the stage for the expert gymnasts. The Cirque du Soleil Theater embodies an organic architectural language that's gradually becoming more prevalent.