NY Times Emmy Nominated Stop Motion Animation

 - Jun 16, 2008   Updated: Jul 4 2011
References: trendhunter
'Circle Squared' is an Emmy Nominated stop-motion animation. The square obsessed video features animals successively eating each other, hinting at the 'circle of life'.

The art director, Todd St. John, noted, "One creature consumes another so that it may be satisfied and continue its existence, only to give its life to be the next animal's meal."

The video was nominated for 'Outstanding New Approaches - Entertainment'.

Implications - One of the most important aspects of marketing in the 21st Century is the ability of your commercial to go viral. Companies interested in creating viral marketing would be wise to invest in ads that feature stop-motion or other visually arresting gimmicks. By focusing on entertainment first and advertising second, the company stands a good chance of having viewers watch and then share their commercials.