The Chuck Close Fanny/Fingerpainting 1985 Portrait is Sensational

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: & boredpanda
Finger painting certainly isn’t just for children, as artist Chuck Close has recently released a work titled Fanny/Fingerpainting 1985, which is incredibly realistic. Close is known for being hyper realistic in his paintings, to the point where they’re almost indistinguishable from photographs.

Fanny/Fingerpainting 1985 is a portrait of his grandmother-in-law. The painting is done in black oil-based ink on a white canvas. In order to create a piece like this Close had to repetitively dip his fingers in the ink and carefully apply different amounts of pressure to the canvas.

This seemingly tedious technique made for an outstandingly realistic portrait. The fingerpainting really enhances every wisdom line in Fanny’s face. It definitely appears as though Fanny has had some sun as well in her lifetime.