This Campaign Sparks Discussion on Opioids for Chronic Pain Treatment

As an important part of chronic pain treatment, opioids (pain-relieving medications) often bring on life-threatening side effects and emergency situations. In the United States alone, 44 people die each day from prescription opioids and about 80 percent of these deaths are completely unintentional.

In order to educate the public on some of the very serious issues that come with opioid use, pharmaceutical company Kaleo teamed up with the American Academy of Pain Management, American Chronic Pain Association, The Pain Community and U.S. Pain Foundation in order to open a dialogue with a campaign called 'America Starts Talking.'

The campaign inspires transparency and an open discussion about safe use so that accidental deaths can be prevented in the future. Through the America Starts Talking site, people can download resources for having a conversation with a healthcare professional, connect with support groups and stay updated with blog posts.