Christopher Jenner's EuroStar Concept Proposes a Comfier Ride

You know that as soon as you would be happy to have an armchair like this in your home, it more than satisfies as the ideal piece with which to furnish a passenger train. Christopher Jenner's EuroStar concept envisions a much more luxurious setup for travelers to dispel any complaints about a lack of comfort during the journey.

The most significant change that the designer would like to make is to the cramped seating. He has proposed these broad and embracing armchairs that transform into recliners with adjustable headrests and retractable footrests. The encompassing cocoon-like chair backs provide privacy, noise reduction and a cozy place to position your head. Christopher Jenner's EuroStar project also includes video entertainment units and expansive windowing in the cabins for greater views and more sunlight.