This Christian Ferretti Photoshoot Captures a Taboo Tea Party

 - May 13, 2013
References: labdailyblog
Fashion photographer Christian Ferretti captures a strange and slightly disturbing tea party in action in his Summer / Spring shoot for Hero 9.

One of the most interesting things about fashion editorials is that they allow photographers to paint vivid pictures using models, clothes and specific locals. This being the case, Christian Ferretti's editorial for Hero 9's Summer / Spring collection sees this photographer bringing together dark, creepy imagery that looks like the depiction of a sordid personal therapy session.

Featuring iconic fashion model Karen Bjornson, this editorial sees a group of stylish and demure young men invited over for tea in a dilapidated house. Wearing dark colors, laying on cots and leashed on dog collars, Christian Ferretti wonderfully weaves together imagery that is creepy and stunning at the same time.