Chris Booth Sculpts Paintings that Come Off Their Canvases

 - Feb 3, 2012
References: & sweet-station
If you were to see a Chris Booth illustration in real life, you’d have quite a different experience than looking at these pictures. That’s because each one of these paintings actually come off their canvases, much like the pages of a pop-up book. Sure, these images are still impressive as their flat incarnations, but having portions of a piece invading a viewer’s personal space will surely add a layer of enjoyment that’s absent from these photographs.

Also noteworthy in Chris Booth’s art is his visual style. Booth explains that he’s heavily influenced by Roy Lichtenstein’s work, which viewers can readily see in his pop-art, comic book style of rendering paintings. Where the two differ, however, is that Booth doesn’t classify his work as "high art," choosing to make his work accessible to the masses similar to Takashi Murakami’s art movement known as "super-flat."