The Splash Red Chopping Board Brings a Mess into the Kitchen

 - Jul 24, 2013
References: mzube & lostateminor
Chopping boards are a staple in any functioning kitchen, but they're often made of boring polished wood, or bubbled glass. Why not spruce up the kitchen workspace with a chopping board that is at once darkly humorous and fully functional?

The Splash Red Chopping Board from mzube is the perfect way to add a little macabre flair to your kitchen. Looking just like a pool of crimson blood, this chopping board is sure to shock guests; it's perfect for playing simple pranks on unwary house guests. The blood drips hook over the side of the counter, making it seem as if the pool of blood was just about to spill over onto the kitchen floor. This also keeps the cutting board in place, so that it does not move while the cook is chopping up some veggies for the coming meal.

With this hilarious -- and morbid -- chopping board, the kitchen can become a fun and quirky room, rather than a necessary location in which to slave over a hot stove.