The Chop & Rinse Conveniently Performs Two Consecutive Duties

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: josephjoseph & likecool
The process of food preparation involves a very common series of tasks that the Chop&Rinse is intended to streamline. Firstly, many people wash their ingredients; secondly, they lay them out to cut them up; and thirdly, they dump the diced morsels into some sort of dish.

Sold by Joseph Joseph, the DesignWright product brings efficiency to the culinary experience by facilitating the three aforementioned activities within its flexible form. With one perforated section, the foldable surface can be transformed into a colander so to assist you in rinsing your food. Next, simply flatten it once more and you have yourself a chopping board. Finally, the Chop&Rinse can be bent again into a trough to aid with pouring everything into the pot.