These Chiquita Teasers Keep Your Banana Safe From Bruising in Your Bag

 - Jan 14, 2012
Bananas may come with their own natural packaging, and while peels keep them clean, they cannot offer protection from the heavy objects bouncing around with them in a backpack. The solution is this slick line of Chiquita Teasers by Remorkable, providing a strong and streamlined shell for foods that are a little soft on the inside.

A couple of these Chiquisafe products are aesthetically more polished than another of the line's tropical fruit sheathes. The easy-to-open polymer banana clutch and its many-flapped counterpart in this collection make great snack holders for children's knapsacks. They are soft to the touch and firm, yet flexible.

It seems that it many ways, the sleeker Chiquita Teasers by Remorkable are inspired by cases for sunglasses. With hard exterior hulls and spongey interior cushioning, they would look a little more sophisticated when withdrawn from a briefcase at work.