These Potato Chips from Ten Acre Blend Opposing Flavors

 - Feb 27, 2016
References: yumshsnacks
Sweet and sour flavors often come together for soups and sauces, but now Ten Acre is uniting them for one of its chip flavors.

As with all of Ten Acre's snacks, this one features a quirky name that begins to tell a story: "The Day Sweet and Sour Became Friends." The potato chip base is enhanced with seasonings like onion, garlic and tomato powder, as well as black pepper and paprika extract. As far as where the sweet and sour flavoring comes into play, the chips are seasoned with a sweet and sour flavoring, as well as both sugar and salt. As a whole, this snack is reminiscent of some well-known Chinese-style food items.

Rather than simply flavoring a sweet, salty or savory snack, consumers are now looking to food products that feature more complex combinations of tastes.