This Children Photo Series Visualizes Kids Haunting Dream Scenarios

 - Jun 29, 2014
References: arthurtress & beautifuldecay
This mystical and slightly disturbing children photo series does a stunning and oddly dreamy job at visualizing childhood dreams and nightmares. Captured by famous photographer Arthur Tress, 'The Dream Collector' series tries to recreate visions and haunting dream scenarios by kids the photographer had questioned for his series.

"The children would be asked means of acting out their visions or to suggest ways of making them into visual actualities," says Tress.

Sticking to his trademark black and white photography style for this somber and spooky series, the children photo series takes on a mythological and surreal look.

"In recreating these fantasies there is often a combination of actual dream, mythical archetypes, fairy tale, horror movie, comic hook, and imaginative play. These inventions often reflect the child’s inner life, hopes and fears," says Tress.