This Gourmet Chicken Dinner Uses a Brick to Flatten the Bird to Perfection

 - Oct 18, 2015
References: eater & eater
Chef Marc Forgione from New York City recently came up with this creative chicken dinner recipe that requires using a brick to flatten out the bird and cook it in its entirety in a skillet. While it might sound bizarre to use a brick in a recipe, it actually helps immensely in flattening a whole chicken and giving it a new way to be prepared.

The recipe, fittingly titled Chicken Under a Brick, calls for a one pound whole chicken de-boned that is smothered under a brick and wrapped up in foil. The chicken is dressed in herbs, butter, shallots, salt, butter and lemon to really enhance the bird's juices while cooking. Under the brick's weight while cooking the chicken flattens and the juice from the marinated can penetrate the meat better resulting in a juicier chicken dinner.