From Green Superfood Burgers to Protein Ice Cream Bars

 - Mar 30, 2015
These healthy packaged meals are designed to appeal to the on-the-go consumer with an interest in nutritious and pre-made products. Whether working long hours or getting ready for retirement, boomers are searching for a balance of health and convenience as they prepare for a more relaxed lifestyle in their later years.

Eating healthier and staying active are two ways that these consumers are celebrating their age and are inspiring brands and retailers to offer healthier meal options that are still designed for convenience.

Standouts from this list include green superfood brugers, meatless Mandarin chicken meals and even avocado spreads that will replace one's classic butter garnish with a healthier alternative. Other favorites include green tea-infused yogurts and breakfast cereals that appeal to gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian diets.