(In)Voluntary Acts by Cheryl Pope Leave Our Heads in the Clouds

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: cherylpope.net & sweet-station
Filling 700 balloons with water and hanging them from the ceiling at shoulder length only begins to describe the (In)Voluntary Acts by Cheryl Pope exhibition. This live performance by Cheryl Pope involves the artist smashing her head against the rubber, water-filled balloons until they pop. The artistic exhibition is meant to produce and address the relevant issues that affect the way in which we live our lives today.

Cheryl Pope tackles specific questions that extend into social, political and global conversations. This head-smacking performance gives depth to the issues that plague modern society in an artistic landscape. This beautiful and destructive live act makes one think about the actions they are inflicting on the world.

Hey, Cheryl Pope. Can we have a go?