Charming Enzyme's Travel Packets Include Raw Minerals to Go

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: bonjourhk & charming-enzyme
In addition to being available by the bottle, Charming Enzyme's 'Health & Young Enzyme' product comes in convenient travel packets for individual use.

The golden-colored formula is designed to be a do-it-all remedy for everything from skin health and detoxification to weight loss. As far as what powers this product, it's a blend of vegetable phyto-enzymes, probiotics, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In total, the product gathers nutrients from more than 100 fruits, vegetables and plants, including seaweed, mushrooms and bean sprouts. Beyond this, no additives, preservatives or pesticides are included in the product, which is part of what gives it such potent power.

The taste and texture of the drinkable product from China is described as sweet, sour and thick, although it can be combined with water for easy consumption.