Pill Box Hats Are Back in Style for Spring/Summer 2009

 - Mar 11, 2009
References: millionlooks
New York Fashion Week sparked what seemed like a desire for classic looks from the usually wild Marc Jacobs. With his structured jackets in dark yellow, feminine floral dresses and high waisted skirts, he opted for a theme of classic structure, as opposed to recent shows which opted for more radical designs and, it may be noted, much more skin.

The structured old-school look was solidified by what sat atop the models' heads. Hearkening back to the days of Jackie Kennedy and her pink pill box hat, Jacobs showed hats in blue, black, brown and green. The perfect finish to a look so set in what feels like the 1930’s or 40’s. Not only would the Hepburn women be proud, but surely Jackie O would approve. And really, who couldn’t use a bit more classic elegance in their wardrobe?