The Chanel Boomerang is an Elegant Toy from the High-Fashion House

 - May 17, 2017
References: uncrate
Chanel is a brand associated with fine clothing, fragrances and handbags, but the Chanel Boomerang aims to change up what else it's also known for. Crafted from premium materials including wood that has been coated wit ha dark black resin, the boomerang features the signature double C logo on the elbow point on the design.

The Chanel Boomerang is capable of being used as a toy, but is priced at $1,325, which makes it more of a piece of modern art than something to toss around in the park with friends. The boomerang comes as one of what could be a series of outdoor toys from the high-fashion brand, which could be used by some fashionistas to hit the park for some play.