The Chair Omago is Inspired by Nature's Intricate Details

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
Organic design often relies upon an element of artificial representation, but when it comes to objects like the Chair Omago, this certainly does not make it any less beautiful or biological. In fact, it's the crisp conception of this creative piece which makes it an exquisite artistic collaboration between man and Earth.

Designer Milos Jovanovic was inspired by the complex patterns found within the wings of butterflies and the arteries of leaves. The intricacy and the delicacy of these forms has been executed elegantly in this lovely lumber chair.

Wooden veneer sheets measuring just 1 centimeter thick were moulded into two flimsy shapes, mirroring each other to construct a finely curving seat and backrest. One Chair Omago takes the skeletal appearance of a crunchy fallen leaf, while the other only reveals its ornate latticework from behind.