'Cenarion Hatchlings' Donate $2 Million Toward Japanese Relief Efforts

 - Aug 6, 2011
References: us.blizzard & gamepolitics
Even the most dedicated zoologists aren't familiar with the Cenarion Hatchlings, but not because it's an endangered species; in fact, $10 the going rate for a newborn. No, the half-deer, half-eagle amalgam evades classification because it's not real!

In the hopes of improving the still-unstable situation on Japan's tsunami-swept coasts, developer Blizzard Entertainment has launched an e-doption program in the fantasy World of Warcraft. For a mere $10, players can adopt an adorable and loyal Cenarion Hatchling pet -- better still, 100% of the sales go to affected Japanese communities. Thus far, the games developer has collected nearly $2 million!

After witnessing the destruction which many of their cyber comrades were subjected to, World of Warcraft players opened their hearts and wallets wide open. It seems as though virtual communities can be just as close-knit as their 'real' counterparts.