The Celestial Art from Aya Kato Creates a Surreally Divine World

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: & juxtapoz
The amazing celestial art from Japan-based artist Aya Kato incorporates an otherworldly array of colors to go with her divinity theme. The illustrations depict a completely different realm than the one of humans as these divine creatures live in a multicolored dreamworld.

With flowing landscapes and surreal creatures, these works of art definitely capture the attention of the viewer. Kato's work was influenced by some of the classic nouveau artists like Aubrey Beardsley. The really remarkable thing about these illustrations is the ability of Kato to use such vibrant colors on normal objects and in a way transform them to the celestial art that you see before you. The blending and lighting that she uses really sets her work apart from other divinity themed art.