The CDZA Historical Music Video is Compressed

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: youtube & holykaw.alltop
This CDZA historical music video illustrates 16 genres of Western music in under three minutes.

From jazz to disco, this group doesn't miss a beat in a very literal way. Using the song 'What a Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, they remix the classic hit in an amazing variety of ways. Filmed in what appears to be a recording studio, the video still manages to be engaging by incorporating a number of people and sets, which reflect whatever genre is being depicted at a given time; the 'dubstep' scene is particularly on-point in this way. Like many other CDZA videos, the clip highlights the amazing abilities of the music group, and comes across as quite professional and well-rehearsed.

Brilliantly creative and showing a great deal of effort, this clip is sure to please hoards of music lovers.