Stitch Artist Catina Ferraine Specializes in Tapestry Wallets

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: kickstarter
Stitch artist Catina Ferraine creates art tapestry "photo embroideries" rendered from your favorite image or graphic. The effect is similar to a black and white photo with a halftone filter. Each tile is about 5" x 7". A small tile could be a single stitched image such as a portrait of your dog, your girlfriend, a tattoo, or any other clever concept.

The tapestry tiles can also be stitched together to create something as large as an entire wall-sized art piece. This is where epic ideas evolve such as an architectural bridge, nude fine art, nature scene or other abstract concepts. Unlike printed fabrics, this is actual stitching into the fabric, making it permanent. Catina plans on expanding the use of the fabric technique into other apparel and accessory items such as jeans, jackets, decorative pillows, carry bags and more. Anything can be made custom using your own provided photo, or select from the collection.