The Caterina Tiazzoldi 'Fabulesque' Tables are Colorful and Fun

 - Oct 21, 2011
For artists looking to find unforgettable fantasy themes, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll is a good source, as the the Caterina Tiazzoldi 'Fabulesque' tables show. This collection has all the elements to make these tables the perfect decoration for the Circilo dei Lettori in Baroque Palace in Torino, Italy. Fabulesque is all about movement, flamboyance and lusciousness.

As its name suggests it, Fabulesque is all about fantastic curves and bold colors. Made of laminated wood and MDF, each table has its own personality. Every stem of each table is different in size and shape; additionally, a parametric device allows each piece to adapt to serve different functions.

The Caterina Tiazzoldi 'Fabulesque' table series is graceful and entertaining; the perfect piece to make any room an imaginative extravaganza. Tiazzoldi is a well-known European and American designer.