'Caten' by David Letellier Uses Art to Transcend the Act of Faith

 - May 24, 2012
References: davidletellier.net & designboom
'Caten' by David Letellier is an installation that resonates the sound and feeling of faith.

This serene setting is Berlin-based artist Letellier's kinetic sound sculpture located at the Saint Sauveur Chapel of Caen in France. The sculpture is crafted with 300 wires bounded by two ropes that hang from the chapel's mezzanine. The slow-paced, angelic movements of the sculpture are shifted by rotating arms that connect the stringed tapestry.

The ambient audio in the background resonates a feeling of trance; the audible interpretation plays on the four notes of 'do re, mi, fa' of 'Hymn to St. John the Baptist.' The low frequency sounds play smoothly to the rocking sculpture that looks as if it's levitating with a touch from God.

Photo Credits: designboom | davidletellier.net