This Cat Quiz Will Identify Your Feline Friend's Personality Type

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: poopycat
Created in honor of International Cat Day, this cat quiz can determine cat personality types in much the same way that personality tests for humans can identify traits like extroversion or openness.

The whimsical and "intercative" cat quiz asks owners questions about their cat's behavior such as, "It's time for a check-up at the vet, how does your cat deal with this stressful situation?" It also requires the owner to analyze their relationship with their feline friend with soul-searching queries like, "When you pet your cat, what response do you get?" Cats also get to participate, with their owners reporting their reactions to short clips of everyday occurrences like chirping birds, encounters with other cats and kibble being poured into a bowl.

Created by a panel of cat behavioral specialists, vets and a test panel of cats, the Intercative cat quiz is the perfect activity to share with your cat this International Cat Day.