This Mood-Enhancing Music is Specially Designed for Cat Comfort

 - Nov 2, 2015
References: musicforcats & kickstarter
Musician and conductor David Teie created a specific type of 'Cat Music' that is scientifically designed to tune in with a cat's biological design using feline-centric sounds.

Cat Music is based on the idea that a feline's sense of sound is established after they are born, and by basing music on the sound of experiences -- like hearing chirping birds or their mother's purr -- they can become comforted and feel content. Feline-focused sounds were combined with natural vocalizations that were matched to a cat's frequency range that they use to communicate with one another.

This species-appropriate music is able to relax felines in a way that human music simply can't do. This theory by Teie was also tested by researchers at the University of Wisconsin, and in an article published in Applied Animal Behavior, it was confirmed that the music resonated and connected with cats.