The Apltly Entitled 'Catleidoscope' Features Some Awesome Cat Meme Art

If you're ever in the mood for some amalgamated cat meme art, the kaleidoscope creations from 'Matthew Serge Guy' definitely fit the bill. The cleverly titled project, 'Catleidoscope,' features some of the most famous felines the Internet has pumped out.

Whether it's 'Grumpy Cat,' 'Keyboard Cat' or 'Maru,' all of the favorites are there. The kaleidoscope images that were created are a slightly scary trip through the memes of the Internet. The series of images feels like an LSD adventure that is sure to make this form of cat meme art popular. What's truly amazing is just how powerful pop-culture is on the Internet and how the various brands that are created are being transformed through different mediums.