These Cheeky Cat Emojis are Perfect for Pet Owners

 - Jul 21, 2015
References: buzzfeed & designtaxi
Buzzfeed has designed a series charming cat emojis that perfectly capture the joys and struggles of being a pet owner. Instead of telling your friends about how your cat fell asleep on your laptop, why not show them with a charming feline-themed emoji?

The cheeky cat emojis depict some of the common quirks and perils of pet ownerships. Some of the more charming cat emojis feature kittens peeking out of boxes or falling asleep on top of laptop keyboards. Of course, not all cat-related antics are so adorable. Some of the other emojis depict the less pleasant side of cat ownership, including painful scratches, hair-covered clothes and destroyed furniture.

While not every aspect of cat ownership may be pleasant, these fun emojis let you express your joy and frustration with your beloved feline friend.