Castor & Pollux 'Disconnect' Explores Spatial Reality

The Castor & Pollux 'Disconnect' installation by Alexandros Tsolakis, Bastian Wibranek and Sebastian Kriegsmann is quite simply an enormous sinking floor design that responds to every bit of movement it encounters. What Disconnect aims to do is to understand spatial concepts. Space changes anytime it is used, it molds to accompany individuals and objects that inhabit it and by implementing a stretchable membrane across the floor of the gallery, the Disconnect artists attempt to show people how important spatial understanding is.

As people move over the membrane it changes, affecting the movement and maneuverability of others that are also on the floor. Dancers will perform routines when this showcase opens to show the beauty that can be derived from comprehending spatial realities. The Castor & Pollux Disconnect installation is a very integrative attempt at teaching lessons while maintaining modern, gallery-worthy design.